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Work only with obsessed professionals and every day make a step forward towards your dream
Spend your precious time only on useful things, dearest people and delicious coffee.

By investing in good today, you will get a better tomorrow!

Angelica Koshevaya
CEO of ArtLab Production


A team of professionals is working for you - our cinematographers, directors and producers - graduates of New York Film Academy and American Film Institute 

Анжелика Кошевая
Anzhelika Koshevaya
CEO Artlab Production, actress, director, producer, editor
Кирилл Петров
Kirill Petrov
Director of photography, director, gaffer.

Олеся Савельева
Olesia Savaleva
Cinematographer, director
Showreel by Olesia Savaleva
Евгения Уласевич
Evgeniya Ylasevich
Actress, director, producer

Валерия Еленская
Valeria Elenskaya
Director, producer, screenwriter

Jorge S.Pallas
Jorge S.Pallas
Director, cinematographer, producer, screenwriter, editor
Борис Белов
Boris Belov
Technical director, editor, colorist

Евгений Поляченков
Evgeniy Polyachenkov
Composer, musician, sound design engineer

Анастасия Марчук
Anastasia Marchyk
Creative Designer, screenwriter

Наталья Омельченко
Natalia Omelchenko
Actress, director
Вероника Григорьева
Veronika Grigoreva