Only professionals

Our cinematogpraphers, directors and producers are graduates of the American Film Institute and New York Film Academy.

We ♥ our work

It is evident from the result that we provide to our clients

Full cycle production

Screenplay, preproduction, production, post production.

Any place of the world

Full cycle production services in any part of Russia, Europe and America with full technical equipment.

About us


Our principles
  • Bold and creative approach for every project
  • We create unique and original ideas!
  • We write high-quality screenplays for any video content!
  • We organize filming with full technical equipment and a team of professionals anywhere in the world
  • We feed off of the customer's personality
What do you get by contacting us?
  • Thought out idea and written script for your product
  • Complete organization of film production from beginning to end. Full cycle!
  • The whole range of services in postproduction - editing, color correction, graphic design of any complexity
  • Synced sound with footage. Professional composers and musicians will write an original soundtrack to your film or commercial, in any style and genre
  • The digitized video from the old tape-VHS, DVmini, Hi8. Betacam. We edit digitized video. We do color correction of old video material
  • Professional videographers and editors who will create a high quality video for you- family celebrations, corporate events, business conferences and much more
  • The price and terms are negotiated individually with each client
Our guarantees
We guarantee an original idea, a high quality picture, an excellent sound, an affordable price list, the latest cinema equipment and lighting equipment, the delivery of work on time, materials are handed out in a convenient format for you (including 2K and 4K) and on any digital media

Our works


  • With Angelica and ArtLabProduction, I worked a lot and very tightly. She is an excellent producer and demanding director. The idea, screenwriting, shooting, editing, color-grading, everything will be under her clear guidance. And, most importantly, she in love with what she does, and without it nothing can come out good.
    Kirill Petrov Director, director of photography
  • We shot a music video with ArtLab Production, a very important song for me, "I'm Mother", many music videos, flashmobs, and professional and semi-professional and amateurish ones were shot for this song. Anzhelika faced a very serious task, to make the best video among all the others amateur videos, as those were already gaining millions of views. And Angelica coped with this task and did her job above expectations
    Elena YeseninaActress, singer, composer, songwriter
  • Anzhelika is a wonderful woman and a professional in what she does. It is a pleasure to work with her! I remember working with ArtLab Production, as one of the most striking events in my life and I sincerely envy those who are lucky enough to work with them! With respect and gratitude!
    Yliya ProskyryakovaActress, singer, composer, songwriter